˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers a wide range of products for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems. That is why the consultants, project contractors and designers can rely only on one partner. All products are perfectly harmonized in order to create the desired comfort with the highest cost efficiency in operation. So, compatibility problems associated with project management systems are matter of the past. No matter what kind of solution is needed; heat pumps, cooling units, cooling towers , heat exchangers or air dryers with special requirements outside the catalog offer, unique solutions by using waste heat, ˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is a competent partner – as a manufacturer and as a consultant.

Process cooling systems

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers a wide range of solutions for process cooling and heating in the plastics processing industry, steelworks, production of castings, sugar refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.


˝Dalmacija Klima˝ produces a wide range of classic and reversible cooling units air-to-air, air-to-water and water-to-water by which we are able to meet various customer requirements. On request we are ready to consider the technical requirements for devices even outside the catalog offer.

Cooling towers

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ in its standard offer has open cooling towers with cooling effect from 200kW to 2MW with top performances. Depending on customer’s needs we are ready to offer an open and closed cooling towers regardless of the cooling effect size.

Heat pumps

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers a wide range of heat pumps air-air, water-water or sea water-water with which you can achieve water temperature of starting flow up to 70 ° C. With the possibility to adapt to user needs, by designing devices with lowest operating costs on the market and organized service support, we are rising into the top of suppliers for this type of device.

Heat exchangers

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers a standard heat exchangers, as well as different versions on clients special request.

Integrated solutions of central heating and air conditioning

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is performing by “turnkey system“ even the most demanding also the unique systems of heating and air-conditioning for facilities, including the heating of water for households and heating of swimming pools. We guarantee a minimum consumption of heating and cooling energy, maximum efficiency and reliability.

Waste heat usage

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is a company with extensive experience in design, manufacturing and integrating systems of using waste heat, by which you can achieve utilization and conversion of industrial waste energy released in industrial processes like processing of plastic masses, paper production, sugar production, oil refining or in any other process industry, into a low-cost usable energy that allows industrial manufacturers to reduce energy cost, to reduce CO2 footprint and generate CO2 credits which can be traded.