˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers a wide range of products for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems. That is why the consultants, project contractors and designers can rely only on one partner. All products are perfectly harmonized in order to create the desired comfort with the highest cost efficiency in operation. So, compatibility problems associated with project management systems are matter of the past. No matter what kind of solution is needed; heat pumps, cooling units, cooling towers, heat exchangers or air dryers with special requirements outside the catalog offer, unique solutions by using waste heat, ˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is a competent partner – as a manufacturer and as a consultant.

Waste heat usage

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is a company with extensive experience in design, manufacturing and integrating systems of using waste heat, by which you can achieve utilization and conversion of industrial waste energy released in industrial processes like processing of plastic masses, paper production, sugar production, oil refining or in any other process industry, into a low-cost usable energy that allows industrial manufacturers to reduce energy cost, to reduce CO2 footprint and generate CO2 credits which can be traded.

Who are we?

˝Dalmacija Klima˝, with a plant located in Split, Croatia, is a manufacturer specialized in design, manufacturing and installation of process cooling units and air driers of different designs, cooling towers, heat exchangers, waste heat systems, heat pumps and advanced high-efficiency systems for central heating with heat pumps and solar / photovoltaic panels for the customers from national, regional and local government institutions, hotels, hospitals, commercial plants, schools, housing facilities, etc. ˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is a manufacturer of highly efficient and reliable equipment, with low operating costs, long service life and high degree of environmental friendliness.

Our services

˝Dalmacija Klima˝ will always remain in a close relationship with our customers. Depending on the customer’s specific requirements, ˝Dalmacija Klima˝ is always available to assist You in every phase of Your projects, from analysis of current situation and help in choosing a solution model, works on installation of equipment and associated installations up to staff training and full technical support. We perform projects on energy installations on the principle of “turnkey” and ESCO model of financing from savings, providing customers full support in all phases of project.

Services in petrochemical systems

With the aim to make savings in terms of heat and electricity, ˝Dalmacija Klima˝ offers to customers a variety of solutions in process and steam-energy segment of refinery systems. We offer reliable solutions for the transfer and the optimal usage of process gases.

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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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